Ways to Add Storage

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Every home could use just a little bit more storage, especially for organization and house cleaning, but a lot of times it seems like there’s no space left for it. When that’s the case, you have to get creative and look for new ways to add storage.

Thankfully, a lot of clever thinkers have already done just that, and they’ve come up with some great methods:

  • Add a pegboard. When your closet, craft area, or laundry room starts to feel a little overcrowded, a peg board can move some of those odds and ends off of the floor and counters and onto the wall.
  • Shelves everywhere. Maybe not shelves everywhere, but you can get quite a few more shelves in your space by adding them to bare, boring walls or inside your closet, bathroom, and laundry room.
  • Create a mini-shelf. Put a tray on top of some glasses or same-height boxes in your cabinet, and suddenly you have a second shelf area on which to put smaller items.
  • Use decorative boxes. Keep your odds and ends “hidden in plain sight” with decorative boxes or baskets. They will look great in your space while providing storage as well.
  • Use multipurpose furniture. More and more often, designers are creating furniture that is made to function both as furniture and as storage. Ottomans that open into boxes, benches that pull out into drawers, coffee tables with hidden compartments—there are many types of multitaskers out there you can take advantage of.

When there’s a little extra storage, organization and tidying doesn’t seem quite so bad! 

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