Sponge Balls: Summer Craft for the Kids (And You!)

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The end of the school year is fast approaching—do you have plans for spending time with your kids? For many parents, the beginning of summer is a chaotic time, but once you settle in, you’ll need things to occupy little fingers and minds.

This project is great because it not only is an easy craft you can do as a family, it also becomes a great toy and a house cleaning tool!

How to Make a Sponge Ball

  • Step #1: Pick out your sponges. This is a great time for the kids to help. Let them pick out bright colored sponges from which they can make their balls.
  • Step #2: Pick out the ribbon. You’ll want fabric ribbon since the ball is going to likely get wet. No ribbon on hand? You can use string or rubber bands, as well!
  • Step #3: Cut the sponges into strips. Help your children (especially your small ones!) cut the sponges into long strips—you can get about 4 strips from every sponge.
  • Step #4: Group the strips together and tie them. This is where the kids can get really creative. Encourage them to take 4 or 5 strips and group them together—they can make balls that are all one color or mix strips together to create multicolored ones. Once they have their strips, tie the ribbon around the middle as tightly as you possibly can and knot it.
  • Step #5: Help your child spread out the sponge balls “legs.” Once the ball is all spread out, you’re ready to play!

These are extremely versatile: let your kids play with them in the bath or the pool, or set up a container with water for them to fill and throw at each other (outside, of course!). Tuck a few away for the next time you’re cleaning, as well, to get the kids involved!

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