Getting Into the Garage

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Cleaning the garage is a daunting task. It often gets filled with overflow from the house, and before you know it, it can feel overwhelming.  Some housekeeping services offer additional help for things like garage cleaning, but here is a 5-step plan for getting your garage clean—this is no small job! Set aside a few hours for this task.

1. Remove everything. Take everything out of your garage. If there is trash, throw it away as you go. Otherwise, put everything else on your driveway or on a tarp in your yard.

2. Throw away or donate items. Sort through the things you’ve removed. If things are beyond use or repair, throw them away. Items that still work but you don’t have a use for anymore can be donated. Don’t wait, though! As soon as the donation box is packed, put it in your car and take it as soon as you’re done with the garage!

3. Organize the things you keep. When you have the items you want to keep, find a way to organize them. Sorting by category is the most straightforward way, but find a system that works for you and your family.

4. Clean out the garage. Before you put everything back in, give the garage a good sweeping and dusting. This way, the things in your garage will stay cleaner longer.

5. Find a home for everything. As you put things back in the garage, do it with your sorting in mind. Keep like things together, and put them in places that make sense and are convenient.

When you finish, you’ll have a nice clean garage that will be both more useful to you and a source of pride. It’s easy to put off the garage, shed, or porch in your normal house cleaning, but there’s no need to be afraid of the job when you have a plan.

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