Getting Ready for the Colder Months

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In many places, kids are going back to school, temperatures are starting to drop, and the familiar crisp, autumn breezes are starting to blow. If you've been looking forward to autumn, you might already be pulling out your sweaters, jeans, and boots or planning your fall events under harvest skies.

It's a good time to keep in mind that your home might warrant some attention as we move into the colder months, as well. In addition to your normal house cleaning, you might need to take a closer look at a few things before winter sneaks up on you.

A five-step checklist can get you well on your way to having a house that's ready for the months to come:

Deep clean your carpets. You'll be spending a lot of time indoors in the next several months, and germs and allergens can stay in carpet for a long time. If the idea of your carpet crawling with germs is unsettling, the best option is to find a housekeeping service who will come in and deep clean the carpet for you. Having a clean carpet is a great start to the cold season!

Clean the area around your furnace. Your heating system will be working hard, so give it a little attention before it really kicks in.

Make sure the area around your furnace is clear of things that may have accumulated there, and clean the dust around it to keep it at peak performance as long as possible.

Change your filter. While you're in there cleaning around your furnace, go ahead and change the filter. Starting with a clean filter will keep those first few uses especially cleaner and more reliable.

Put away summer clothes. When you start packing up your shorts and swimsuits, it's a great idea to use plastic containers with lids. This ensures the clothes will stay clean while they're stored away, not collecting dust, germs, or bugs. It will also make them much easier to unpack when the weather turns warm again.

Wash any winter clothes that need it. This especially applies to comforters or blankets you may have had waiting in the linen closet for colder weather. Any time clothing isn't stored in a sealed container, it's a good idea to wash before use. 

Enjoy your autumn and all of the things tht come with it knowing your home is ready for the season!

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