Child Safety In Your Home

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If you have small children, you are probably familiar with child proofing. If you're child proofing for the first time or looking for some additional ideas, there are many things you can do to make your home a safer place for children of all ages.

1. Start with a clean house. When your house is tidy and sanitized, there will be naturally less things to worry about. If you've fallen behind and need a little help getting caught back up, hiring a maid service is a step in the right direction. As you clean, get down to toddler height and look for things that might pose a threat. Look especially for small objects or hazardous substances a child is likely to put in their mouth.

2. Take care of blind and curtain cords. Long, dangling cords pose a strangulation hazard for small children. They are enticing and get easily tangled, so go through your house and cut or tie up the cords so they are far away from little hands.

3. Cover outlets. Most outlets are the perfect height to attract children, so it's important to block outlets that are accessible.

Plastic outlet plugs or electrical tape both work for securing the outlets.

4. Secure furniture. Children who are learning to walk will pull up on anything nearby, and children who are learning to climb will turn anything into a ladder. To prevent injuries, make sure any heavy furniture is secured to the wall or away fro where your children play. Keep drawers closed, and consider placing plastic bumpers on sharp corners.

5. Window and door locks. Small kids don't inherently know the danger of running outside by themselves. To them, an open door or window is an adventure waiting to happen. Prevent this by purchasing window and door locks--they come in several different varieties, so you can find the ones that work for you. 

When you're taking care of children, a safe home is one of the most important things you can provide. With some thorough housekeeping and a thoughtful eye to details, you can make your home a safe place to play.

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