Your bedroom is a place of relaxation, escape, and of course, sleep! It should be as clean and comfortable as possible so you can completely enjoy it, but many homeowners don't carry their thorough house cleaning into their bedrooms because they aren't usually open to company.

What do your guests see when they come to visit? If you're like a lot of people, you spend the last few minutes before company arrives hiding messes! Organizing Made Fun blogger Becky had friends tell her that her house was always immaculate, and she found this hard to believe.

Pastels remain popular as color choices when it comes to decorating a home, but it's possible to go a little overboard. If you love pastels but have a hard time knowing how to use them in a way that balances the room and keeps it stylish and fresh, we've got some great tips inspired by Design Build Source.

Wax paper is a great tool for sticky chocolate candies and keeping messes off the counter while you cook, but have you ever thought of the other things you could do with it? It turns out it's a pretty handy tool once you know some of the more interesting ways it can be used!

This great idea comes from Real Simple, and it will definitely make keeping up with the household easier once you get it set up. The idea behind a family command center is to keep all of the important paperwork, schedules, and bills in a centralized location so that nothing important gets lost and everyone can be on the same page.

Kids are extremely adaptable and amazing learners, and as you're teaching them, you can teach them about house cleaning, too. Staying clutter free when there are so many things kids want can be a struggle, but teaching them now is a great way to set them up for a more organized adulthood!

Chances are, you don't think to clean the light fixtures until you notice they're dirty. Unfortunately, that happens faster than anyone wants to admit! Your cleaning services help keep the dust to a minimum, but eventually you'll have to get up there to clean them—yuck. There's good news, though: if you know how to effectively clean your light fixtures, it won't be nearly as dreadful as you're expecting!

Neon probably isn't the first palette that comes to mind when you're decorating, but maid services have noticed more and more homeowners using the bright colors as accents in their home. From blue and green to orange and yellow, neon is making a comeback in an unexpected way.

Sure, most of us know that plants create oxygen, but did you know that they also purify the air? Plants have been proven to remove air pollutants even in your own house. Any houseplant is a fair choice as long as you can take care of it by keeping it watered, in sunlight, and make dusting it off part of your house cleaning routine.

Nearly everyone has a vase or two in their home, but how often do you actually have flowers to put in those vases? Flowers are a beautiful accent and fresh accessory for any room, but there's more you can do with your favorite vases! If you'd love to use your vases without having to rely on flowers, here are three ideas that will get you moving in the right direction.

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