Enhance Efficiency of Your Fridge by Organizing It Today

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glyphicon fridgeYou work hard with your house cleaning efforts to keep your home in check with healthiness and cleanliness, whether you do it yourself or hire a cleaning company like The Maids of Cleveland in Ohio. Nevertheless, the fridge is one place that often gets neglected. It is one of the most convenient areas to store various perishable food items such as vegetables, fruits and meat. The fridge is designed to keep food fresh by ensuring thecirculation of cold air in all the compartments. To enhance efficiency and get maximum usage from it, you should take time to arrange all the items in a chronological manner and place them in the proper locations.

Here are some tips to help you organize your fridge.


Items that you use on a daily basis should be placed at the front sections of the fridge. This will go a long way in saving you time as you will be able to access them faster especially when on a rush.


Food items should not only be easily accessible but also more visible. Most people tend to forget some of things they already have and end up congesting the fridge with unnecessary items. By apply this tip, you will be able to shop for items that you only need. Also, the number of out-of-date products will significantly reduce.


It goes without saying that consuming stale food will compromise your health. To protect yourself from such scenarios, it’s wise to place foods that are nearing expiring date at the front and newly purchased items at the back.


On average, modern fridges have at least three or four compartments. Go ahead and place similar foodstuffs in one compartment to avoid confusion. For example, vegetable and fruits can be stored in one compartment. While you are there, ensure that things that your children love are at lower compartments. This will reduce chances of accidents occurring as they try to retrieve them.

Finally, make use of the door by hanging menus and list of tasks that you plan to complete before the end of the week, month or year. You can also stick your child’s creative drawings on the fridge to experience your appreciation.

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