Cleaning the garage is a daunting task. It often gets filled with overflow from the house, and before you know it, it can feel overwhelming.  Some housekeeping services offer additional help for things like garage cleaning, but here is a 5-step plan for getting your garage clean—this is no small job! Set aside a few hours for this task.

Studies have shown that both a clean house and natural light exposure have similar impacts on people's well-being. Having a clean, organized house promotes calm and reduces depression. Coming home from a hard day into a clean house helps a person relax.

If you have small children, you are probably familiar with child proofing. If you're child proofing for the first time or looking for some additional ideas, there are many things you can do to make your home a safer place for children of all ages.

You open the door after work or a trip out, and the first thing you notice is that something in your home smells not-quite-right.

It can be trash, dishes, clothes, and numerous other things that leak odors into your home. In addition to regular house cleaning, here are some tips for eliminating bad smells and freshening the air in your house:

Dust accumulates so quickly that you might notice it collecting on some surfaces as soon as a week after even a good dusting. Dealing with dust is an important part of house cleaning, but there are ways to help minimize the amount of dust entering your home. This is especially helpful if someone in your family suffers from allergies.

Hiring a maid service will help keep you clean and organized, but sometimes you might look around mid-week and realize clutter is sneaking up on you. There are a few easy things you can do in five minutes or less to keep clutter at bay.

Housekeeping takes time, especially if you want your house to get—and stay—really clean. Yet time is the part people often struggle with most. You have responsibilities, families, friends: things that are just as important to you that also take time. 

Keeping the bathroom tidy between visits from your maid service might seem like a chore, but there are little steps you can take to keep it relatively straight every day. All you need is a bottle of vinegar and water, a cloth, and a toilet brush. If everyone does a little every day, you’ll be happy to see that your bathroom won’t become an eyesore.

The summer months are upon us, and that includes plenty of opportunities for parties: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Back-To-School are great times to invite loved ones over. Don’t be afraid of preparing for a party! Here are some ideas to help you be a great party planner:

Many people living in rentals end up not decorating or making their space reflect their personality because of the many restrictions placed on rental properties. Some landlords don’t mind if you decorate, some don’t even accept thumbtack holes in the wall.

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