When you are in the midst of house cleaning, you might not feel like you have much order in the chaos. There are a few ways you can maintain order and make your cleaning more effective.

The order in which you do certain tasks will help efficiency—get more done with less time and less hassle, that should always be the goal.

Even someone good at housekeeping might find something like laundry getting piled up. Whether it happened over time, your daughter finally cleaned out her room, or your son just came home from college, at some point you will have a big stack of laundry to get through. It may be a little intimidating, but here are some things that make it easier:

Whether you're cleaning up after the youngest costumed trick-or-treaters or older pranksters, there are plenty of things that need to be taken care of following Halloween fun.

Maid services can help with your house in the days following, but here are some things that can be done right away:

As the seasons change, the air turns cooler, and your thoughts turn to cool weather and upcoming holidays, it's  natural to want to bring some of that beautiful autumn freshness indoors. Like anything else, a good house cleaning is the first step to making your home smell fresh.

When was the last time you looked up at your ceiling fans? If it's been a while, you might be surprised at the amount of dust that has accumulated on the fan blade! Dusting the ceiling fan likely isn't part of your regular house cleaning, and it's tricky to do without making a mess of the dust.

You can't avoid germs entirely, unfortunately. They're everywhere! A good house cleaning certainly helps, but do you know which items in your house hold the most germs and how to handle them? Here are three of the dirtiest items in your home and what you need to know about each:

When you employ a maid service, you're likely to find a desire to do more in your house--having a clean house may make you want to decorate, upgrade, or improve things in your home. As you look at elements to add to your space, consider houseplants.

Last week it was time to declutter your workspace; this week it's time to take a look at your children's rooms and passing on the clean to the smallest members of your family. A desire for a maintaining a clean bedroom starts with a clean house--as your house stays clean, your children will ultimately prefer it that way. Cleaning services are a great asset to set the tone in your home.

Whether you work in an office or at home, your workspace is important to both your ability to work and your happiness while you work. While cleaning your home office is undoubtedly part of your house cleaning, keeping it straight by changing the way you clean and work within it can make every day a little easier.

Whether it's a glass of wine at a party, a slosh of coffee on a rushed morning, or a mischievous child with a cup of juice, a carpet stain is always a spill away. While cleaning services provide carpet cleaning as part of your ordinary clean, you're going to want to be ready for that next stain when it happens. 

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