Where to Find Inspiration for Your Home

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Looking for a new way to organize or a whole new design for your home for the new year? It can be dizzying as you look at all the options available—one room alone can quickly leave you swimming in too many colors, fabrics, and furniture.

The best lift you can give your home is the kind of house cleaning great maids services can give, but once you’ve done that, where do you go for inspiration to tie all of your ideas together?


The internet is without question the largest resource for décor out there. From blogs like this one to famous home design sites to art showcases, there is inspiration everywhere. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a little too much.

The key to using websites—or any high-volume resource—is to find that one thing that speaks to you and build all of your other ideas around it. Once you find the color or object or picture you want to use as your focal point, use your inspiration to find things that will complement it well.

Books & Magazines

There are plenty of magazines out there that have both great ideas and go into detail about how to achieve those ideas. From the most popular trends to the craftiest solutions, you can find answers and guides for every room in your house.

Books are also great resources, but if you’re looking to stay informed on the most current trends, make sure you choose a book in its most recent volume. For classic tricks and inspiration, you can look in almost any book!


The greatest resources for pure inspiration are the things you can see, touch, and interact with: your home, your friends’ homes, a book shelf from a store, a painting from the flea market. Whether you build a room around your favorite chair or fall in love with the colors in a friend’s kitchen, sometimes seeing it in person is just what you need.

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