Small but Important: A Beautiful Laundry Room

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Your laundry room might not see visitors very often, but it’s okay to keep it looking wonderful just for you. Clean rooms have been proven to boost your mood, and it's much nicer to do laundry in a room you love.

When you’re house cleaning, don’t skip over the laundry room. Here are some ideas for keeping it organized and beautiful:

Use Baskets & Containers

Find baskets or containers that look attractive. You might opt for lined baskets in light colors or colorfully patterned boxes. The important thing is to find what you like, and then store your laundry supplies in them. Not only does this make doing the laundry a lot easier—just grab a box—it also makes your laundry room look organized, clean, and even stylish.


Sorting laundry is just one more step in the clothes-washing process, but it’s one you can cut out completely. Set up two hampers in your laundry room: one for whites, and one for colors. Ask everyone in the house to throw their clothes in the appropriate hamper. Not only do two hampers keep the clothes from spilling onto the laundry room floor, but when you are ready to wash clothes, they’re already sorted for you.

Always Have a Clothes Basket Ready 

Make it a point to always have one basket empty and ready for clothes. If you don’t, you might be tempted to put clean clothes on top of the washer, dryer, or shelves. If you always have a basket ready, your clothes will be under control and you will always have a clean, stylish laundry room.

Like any other room, maintenance is the key to keeping your laundry room looking nice. If you’re overwhelmed by cleaning in addition to all of your other responsibilities, don’t hesitate to call a maids service!

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