Use Fluorescent Lamps or L.E.D. Lighting to Save Cash

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This evening, you decide to do some house cleaning, but some areas seem to be very difficult to clean because you just don't have enough light, right? That is often an inconvenience.

Is it because there is no light or is it because you are trying to save money? After all, using 60 watt bulbs can really add up on your energy usage.

Conveniently, L.E.D. bulbs and fluorescent lighting have evolved to replace those incandescents. Now you have the potential to save on energy usage.

Every single replaced incandescent bulb saves over 60% off of running that light. This is definitely a great way to save on lighting that gets used a lot or runs all the time. You can replace those 60 watt bulbs with 15 watt bulbs. In addition, fluorescent lamps come in various color tones like daylight, cool white, etc.

Your electric use will also lower and be reflected on your monthly electric bills with L.E.D. lighting. They add a long life to the mix while using very little energy to run too. There is a good amount of selection available, but it still continues to grow.

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