The Importance of Cleaning Your Hair Dryer

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How often do you think about cleaning your hair dryer? Probably not too often! You aren’t alone, though; most people don’t look twice at their hair dryer unless it’s broken, setting it aside or in a drawer even when housekeeping.

A dirty hair dryer is a problem for two reasons:1) it blows dust right back onto your clean hair, and 2) it can be a fire hazard when the dust prevents the dryer from properly venting.

Not sure how to clean your hair dryer? This method from Jada Beauty will help!

First: Remove the guard or filter. Most hair dryers have a removable piece protecting the vent on the hair dryer, so if it’s possible, take that off first. Other dryers have to be taken completely apart—if you can’t do this, either, do your best to clean what you can.

Second: Get as much loose as possible. Once you get into your hair dryer, use your finger to remove as much of the dust and lint as you can. This doesn’t have to be an in-depth clean, you’re just trying to get past the biggest amount of dust.

Third: Use a toothpick for better cleaning. After the worst of the mess is taken care of, use a toothpick to pull out the dust that’s too hard to reach with your finger, like in between the vents.

Fourth: Clean! Using a damp paper towel (you could also use a damp cotton swab or a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and wrung out), wipe the dryer clean as much as possible.

Fifth: Let dry completely. Put the guard or filter back on the hair dryer, and then set the hair dryer aside to dry for a few hours before use.

Don’t blow dirt onto your hair after you wash it—clean your hair dryer first!

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