Three Inventive Ways to Use Wax Paper

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Wax paper is a great tool for sticky chocolate candies and keeping messes off the counter while you cook, but have you ever thought of the other things you could do with it? It turns out it's a pretty handy tool once you know some of the more interesting ways it can be used!

This Old House looked at some of the more creative ways to use wax paper, and here are three of our favorite uses:

Make Dusting Easy. How often do you dust the top of your kitchen cabinets or entertainment center? It's not likely part of your normal house cleaning because it's a chore to get up there, and even if you can get high enough to reach them, chances are they're hard to see.

Use wax paper to make it a snap: put wax paper on top of the cabinet, entertainment center, or any other high surface. The wax paper will collect dust, and all you have to do is change out the paper once a month!

Make Your Faucets Shine. Have you ever cleaned your faucet only to see it covered is soapy water spots the next time you washed dishes? There's an easy fix you might be surprised you never thought of:

Buff the faucet with wax paper. It leaves a bit of waxy residue behind, making it temporarily water-resistant. Water will bead up on the surface and roll off without leaving marks.

Fix a Stuck Zipper. You know the moment: all you need to do is zip the zipper on your pants, bag, purse, or suitcase and you'll be ready to go, but it just won't zip. 

Rub both sides of the zipper teeth with wax paper. It will act like oil and make the zipper work without any problem at all.

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