Solving Home Issues with Vinegar

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Vinegar is one of the most versatile products for home use. Surprisingly, it is also highly economical considering how much work it helps home owners or home managers achieve. Vinegar is used in a range of home activities ranging from cooking, cleaning, gardening and home remedies. It is therefore one of those products you would not want to be without somewhere in your house. Here are the uses of vinegar in the home: a range of ways that you can use vinegar to solve your home issues.

1. Removing odors

Do you always have unpleasant and lingering odors in your home that you have difficulties getting rid of? All you need is some vinegar to finally get rid of that unpleasant odor. Just place an open bowl containing vinegar in a room that has bad odors and leave it there overnight. When the night is over, get the bowl out of the room after the smell is gone. Toilet bowls, garbage disposal and sinks can also produce bad smells which can be removed using vinegar. One cup poured in the sink, the toilet bowl and garbage disposal is enough to get rid of the bad smell in one hour after which you rinse using fresh water.

2. Removing stains and spills

Spills and stains on clothing, carpets and toilet bowls are not easy to remove, especially the ones that have sunk deep. If you thought that you had tried out everything, then your search has not come to an end. White vinegar can help you remove these annoying stains and spills from your favorite clothing, carpet or the toilet bowl. Stains, especially in the toilet bowls are not only annoying but embarrassing, especially when you have quests. However, with vinegar, this should not be the case anymore.

3. Home cleaning

Cleaning different areas of a home can be quite hectic at times especially when your cleansing agent is not strong enough to make this mandatory activity easier. Vinegar comes in handy when you are cleaning surfaces such as the floors, everything in the kitchen, the windows. Use vinegar to clean counter tops, and the top of the refrigerators, stove tops and other appliances. You may also want to consider using vinegar to remove soap scams from the bathroom walls and the kitchen faucets. Is the inside of your washing machine full of leftover soap residue? Put one cup of vinegar in an empty laundry cycle that is without clothing and then run it as usual.

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