Cleaning and Time Management

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Housekeeping takes time, especially if you want your house to get—and stay—really clean. Yet time is the part people often struggle with most. You have responsibilities, families, friends: things that are just as important to you that also take time. 

How can you manage your house cleaning time to get the most from your clean?

Make a schedule

When you make cleaning part of your weekly routine, it’s more likely to get done. 

If you’re just trying to keep things straight between visits from your maid service, schedule 15 minutes a day to tidy up. If you need a more in-depth clean, you’ll want to schedule a few hours. You can even choose which tasks you do which days. For instance, schedule laundry for Monday or cleaning up the playroom for Tuesday.

Set a timer

It’s easy to get bored or distracted while cleaning, especially if you’re doing it alone. Set a timer for the amount of time you want to spend on each task. When the timer goes off, allow yourself a five minute break before jumping into the next task.

This will help keep you focused and get the job done more efficiently!

Make goals

When you set your timer, decide exactly what you want to see finished before the timer goes off, and work towards that goal. Having a goal will keep you from taking on too many tasks at once. Plus, keeping in mind what you want will help you keep going.

Sometimes the time just isn’t available. You shouldn’t have to live in a house you’re unsatisfied with because life is keeping you busy. At these times, you might consider hiring a maid service to clean your home expertly and efficiently. This way, you can come home at the end of a busy day without worrying about what you're scheduled to clean and just enjoy your house!

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