Causes of Indoor Allergens

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Unlike outdoor allergies which are seasonal, indoor allergies exist throughout the year as long as the cause has not been removed from the house. Due to this, indoor allergen poses a much bigger threat than outside one. It is therefore very important that you use air conditioning and furnace filters so as to remove these indoor allergens for quality and safer air.

Although there are many causes of indoor allergens, the main one is the house dust. Do you know what makes up this dust? You cannot get a standard list of what it is made of as different houses have different sources of dust. It depends on the age of the house, the type, temperature inside, humidity, what is in it and the living things inside.

You cannot prevent dust from your house, no matter how well you clean it. Your house dust consists of airborne mixture which can contain very fine soil as well as plant material particles from inside or outside your house. In addition, it may contain human skin flakes, mold spores, pet dander and hair, dead insect parts and their waste, fabric fibers, dust mites, food particles and other kinds of debris.

Dust mites and their waste accounts for the largest part of your house dust and are high on scale as the most common allergic reaction triggers in homes.

There are a lot of things which you can do to check and remove out indoor allergens. One of the best ways is to remove the source of the allergen such as your pet or plant and then to strategies on the best way of removing allergens from your indoor air.

You might not be able to remove your pet outside, but you should try and install air cleaners along with suitable furnace filters as well as air conditioner filters.

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