How to Prepare for Thanksgiving Guests

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As the holidays approach, you will be anticipating more and more guests, starting with Thanksgiving dinner. If you're expecting a house full of people this week, housekeeping is probably at the top of your to do list.

There are some things you can do to make cleaning a bit easier for you as you get started on your holiday preparations, and of course, good cleaning services can provide a clean house and peace of mind, freeing up your schedule for the other things you need to accomplish in preparation for the holidays.


One of the best things you can do going into a big cleaning project is to prioritize the things that are important over the things that can wait. One of the best ways to prioritize your Thanksgiving cleaning comes down to knowing where your guests will be, and clean those areas first. 

With this in mind, your cleaning priority list might look like this:

  • Dining Room. If you're planning dinner around a big dining room table, having this room clean and decorated is most likely your first priority.
  • Kitchen. Not only will you be cooking, but whether it's the smell of the food cooking or the warm comfort of the kitchen, guests also tend to be drawn in. Getting this room clean is high priority, as well.
  • Family/Living Room. Where will your guests relax and chat before and after dinner? Since they will be spending a lot of time in this room, getting it clean and comfortable will be an important step.
  • Bathroom. Inevitably, everyone who visits will need to use the restroom at some point. Tidy it, sweep it, wipe down the sinks and make sure there's enough soap, toilet paper, and towels. This is a small but important task going into the holidays.

The Non-Priorities

It seems counter-intuitive to not clean, but there are some rooms in your house you can leave untidy if you are running short on time! Bedrooms, for instance, aren't high on the priority list. While it's nice to have them clean if you can, when time runs short, close the doors--your guests shouldn't have much reason for going into your rooms. Closets (unless you have a coat closet guests will be using), the laundry room, and closets are also low on the list.

Whatever your priorities, be proud of your clean house and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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