Cleaning the Baseboards

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Every once in a while there’s an obscure house cleaning chore that you realize you haven’t done in a long time—the baseboards is often one of those tasks. When was the last time you tackled baseboards and molding in your house?

It’s time! Thankfully, it’s not a bit complicated, and there’s even a way to prevent dust from coming back so you don’t have to clean it again so quickly:

Easy Clean

Cleaning the baseboards is really like cleaning anything else in your house. Mild soap and water should be all you need.

Grab a sponge or cloth (avoid brushes that could scratch the paint), dip it in a solution of dishsoap and water and start wiping down the baseboards. Scrub off the dirt, but be gentle with the paint, especially in areas where it may already be weak.

Dry the wood with a towel to prevent any kind of water damage or warping to the baseboards. Work in one area at a time; completely wash and dry one wall before moving onto the next to keep away any streaks or wet wood.

Repair and Prevention

If you have the time for it, keep a paintbrush and some matching paint handy to spot fix any areas that are starting to chip, wear, or discolor.

Otherwise, skip on ahead to the prevention step: once the baseboards are completely dried, wipe them down with a dryer sheet.

The dryer sheet leaves anti-static residue behind, causing dust to be less likely to settle on your baseboards and extending the amount of time between cleanings—a quick, easy solution to make cleaning a little bit easier.

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