Best Garage Organization Ideas That Work

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268-101413-gs0268Are you forced to leave your car out on the street because your garage doesn’t have enough room for it? If so then its time you started thinking of how to get your garage organized. Listed below are a few tips to help you make that happen. Read on!

1. Sort

It is best to group similar items together to make them easy to find. Shelving units, a few coats of paint and some cute decals for the garage door will transform the space without spending a lot of money. Put frequently used items, such as paper towel, cleaning materials, toilet paper and drinks, on the shelf units.

2. Keep dangerous chemical in their original containers

Most people often keep paints, pesticides and auto fluids in old food containers making them very dangerous as these containers may leak and cause respiratory problems, fumes, burns and even fire hazards. Besides being stored in their original containers, they should also be kept out of reach of children or pets. This can be inside locked cabinets or on high shelves.

3. Lean the ladders horizontally

Ladders when left leaning against the wall can be a hazard. This style often seems to be the correct storage position, but what if it tips over? It can injure a loved one or damage your car. So the best position is to lean it horizontally along the wall. You can also store it on hooks, which is the better option.

4. Assign each area of the garage a specific purpose

Take your time and think carefully about what you want the garage to be used for. Also, think about the best possible way it can be divided up. Divide the space into zones to help you create a setup that does not only make sense, but also leaves the room neat and well-organized.

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