Would You Ever Think of Neon?

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Neon probably isn't the first palette that comes to mind when you're decorating, but maid services have noticed more and more homeowners using the bright colors as accents in their home. From blue and green to orange and yellow, neon is making a comeback in an unexpected way.

The image on the right is a perfect example of decorating with neon, and you can see more examples at Bright Nest. If you think you'd like to try neon colors in your own home, there are a few things you can do to make sure the colors shine for all the right reasons:

Make it an Accent

An entire neon room would end up feeling overwhelming and painfully bright. Instead, use your chosen neon as an accent. Choose a wall that you like as a focal point and paint it that shade of neon blue you love, or add it in the details of your home: artwork, candles, vases, furniture.

Balance it with Neutrals

Too much color can be disconcerting, so balance your bright neons with great neutrals. The amount of impact you want your neons to have will help determine the neutrals you use. White with a neon accent is going to feel bright and youthful. Black and neon are going to feel edgy. Creams, browns, and grays will keep the room calm while highlighting the brighter elements.

Pick a Favorite Piece

Don't just start throwing neon in your rooms: find a piece or a color that absolutely sums up everything for you. If you keep coming back to the hot pink couch you saw in the store or the perfect shade of neon yellow you'd love to pair with a gray wall, make those items your focus, then build the room around them.

Neon colors can be bright, colorful accents to a beautiful room!

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