Use What You Have to Stay Organized

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It’s easy to put off house cleaning when you don’t think you have the supplies you need on hand. You might say, “I’ll organize the playroom when I have time to get some shelves and boxes,” and leave it for another day. 

Instead, take a look around your house! The most affordable organizer might be right in your cabinet, and you might be surprised by the things that can help you get and stay organized.


  • Use vases for spoons and spatulas. If you have some empty vases sitting in cabinets, consider using the smaller ones to hold your cooking utensils next to your stovetop. It’s stylish, completely free, and keeps you from searching through drawers for your favorite cooking spoon.
  • Try soda/beer boxes for condiments. Have you ever went looking for a bottle of ketchup that seemed to vanish? You can use shallow boxes (like the ones you often get when buying canned drinks in bulk) to store condiments in the fridge and keep them from disappearing to the back.


  • Jars are great for office supplies. Use larger jars for pens and pencils, and use smaller jars for paperclips and thumbtacks. For a decorative approach, tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jars Ask your kids to decorate the jars with stickers or paint if want a more fun look.
  • Keep cords organized with toilet paper rolls. When you finish with the toilet paper, hold onto the cardboard roll, and use it for cord storage. You can use a whole roll for a folded cord, or cut a slit in the roll to wrap around cords in use and keep them out of walkways.


  • Sandwich bags can be used in any room of your house. Use them to store small or flat items like beads, buttons, small toys, coupons, pictures, and cards.
  • Tote bags hold clothes, toys, stuffed animals, magazines, and just about anything that will fit.

Tip: Whichever containers you use, make sure you keep them organized by only putting like items together. If you use one tote bag for laundry, don’t throw your toys in there, too, for instance. Also, look for ways to decorate your containers to help them feel like part of the environment.

If you  need help catching up and getting organized, consider using a cleaning service to put you on the right track.

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