Upgrade and Enhance Your Doors with New Knobs

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1792392-hotel-door-handle-040214-1761Just like other home appliances, it reaches a time where doorknobs wear out. This can be attributed to their long service or even fading of the colors that may have been applied on the knobs. House cleaning is not enough to restore the great beauty of the knobs, you need to try and replace them after you discover they have developed complications or they have been worn out. Having door knobs with a lot of dents and scratches will have an impact on the appearance of your house, so it is advisable for you to try and replace them so that you will maintain the beauty of your home.

Arm Handle Doorknobs

Arm handle doorknobs are the most popular type of doorknobs. This is due to a design which is easy to install and use in a home. Unlike other round knobs, the swinging door knob is easy to operate so you can just swing it and the door will be opened. Even if your hands are full you can swing it down with your elbow and gain entry to the house easily.

Shaped Doorknobs

Shaped doorknobs come in a variety of different shapes: there are those which are round but they have varying thicknesses and there are others which are in oval shape, and you can choose depending on your preferences.

Of course, even after you buy the knobs, they will reach a time when they will wear out and you will have to replace them. This is where you will have to order them and look for an expert who will help you with installing them so that you will restore the beauty of your door.

Decorative Locksets with Thumb Levers

A lockable door thumb and locksets add great décor .These type of knobs have a decorative handle that you will be required to wrap your hand when opening them. They make use of a deadbolt to lock the door.

Keeping those new doorknobs clean and sanitary is important, and that’s why The Maids Cleveland takes great care when cleaning to make sure your home doesn’t just look great, but is also healthy for you and your family.

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