Time to Get Those Closets Cleaned and Organized

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When it comes to general housekeeping we all tend to overlook one area of our home--the closet. That is the space where we usually cram all the items we aren't sure about. Then we can never find what we are looking for and we think to ourselves "this closet is a disaster." You can transform all your closets into sleek, well organized areas. Before you start clearing each closet, set your mind on what you are using each one for like clothes and accessories, a linen closet, or extra storage space.

Formulate a plan. Instead of cramming everything into your closets, designate areas for specific items. Then make sure you have plenty of storage options. Consider your closet space and what you're storing in it when adding boxes, shelves, and baskets. Making use of storage units and these other storage options will keep your clothing, shoes, linens, and other items neat and tidy. Try to avoid the urge to fill every corner. Give a little space. Then plan to give yourself easy access to the items you use more frequently.

Remove the old, unwanted, and disliked.  This is plain and simple. Just think about it. If it has been stored for ages or is broken and not worth fixing, than it is time to toss it out. Ask yourself if you really want or need it or if you really like it. If the answer is no, throw it out or donate it. When it comes to housekeeping, this is the easy part.

Get organized. You should group similar items in the same areas. If you have a closet that is open to the room, make sure you leave space on shelves to jazz it up and possibly add a few decorative pieces. Use nice baskets to group all your small items in and label them. For clothes, don't underestimate the power of color coding. It may seem extreme, but it makes locating simple. If you are storing travel items, use the top shelf since you don't have to retrieve these items often. Put seasonal items away to avoid clutter. For linen closets, make sure towels, blankets, and sheets are folded neatly.

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