The Power of Having a Vision for Your Home

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Do you have a vision for your home? Maybe it’s not where you want it to be right now—it’s dirty, disorganized, cluttered, or just not decorated the way you have always pictured. It can be easy to feel discouraged when the house cleaning is overwhelming or the resources to make your home what you want just aren’t available.

This is the time when you need to create a vision for your home. When you have a goal clearly in mind, you will almost unconsciously move in the right direction—it’s true in business, true in life, and true in your house, too!

Create a Vision

This part is either easier or harder than you think, but whichever way it goes, it won’t be what you expect! Start thinking about what you want from your house. What is your home to you? Is it your palace? Your place to play? Your place to be still and quiet? Do you want a home that’s vibrant and always buzzing with life or one that’s quiet and inviting and peaceful?

What do each of your rooms need to do for you? As you start to answer these questions, you can build a vision around them. If you have a home office, for instance; you might decide that you need more organization. As you make decisions about that room’s furniture, accessories, and overall design, keep your goal of organization in mind. Create a vision like this in each room, and make decisions based on that vision.

Tools for Working Towards Your Vision

There are a few tools and techniques you might find useful:

The Big Reset. Your house is a disaster? You aren’t alone! You might want a reset button, and you can have it! Set aside a day to clear out clutter and straighten things, then call in a maid service to get to the brass tacks of true cleaning. Starting from a place that’s not quite so overwhelming will help in tackling the harder tasks.

Outside Sources. Whether you go to the internet or the library, start putting together ideas, making mental notes (or real ones!) of what you want to see.

Help! When you’re absolutely stuck on ideas or on how to complete an organizing task or a design project, reach out. Chances are, someone you know has some experience in your situation and can offer some great advice to keep you moving.

Keep your goals in mind and work for them. People with clear cut goals are more likely to achieve them!

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