The Gift of Routine

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As this year draws to a close and things start to get back to normal after the rush of December, now is a great time to get in on one gift that will change your house cleaning habits for good: the gift of routine for you and your family.

Good habits can seem as hard to form as bad habits are to break, but if you can forge the good habits, the return will be well worth the effort! Getting into a routine for organization and house cleaning will help you form good habits that will last you all through the new year.

The Right Kind of Routine

When it comes to keeping a house clean, getting into a routine that encourage maintenance will make a big difference. Start with honesty: is it hard to keep your house clean because of time and schedule constraints? Maybe you just don’t like house cleaning (you’re not alone!). If either of these is true, admitting it will be a burden off of your shoulders. Call cleaning services to help—those are exactly the reasons we’re here.

When it comes to maintenance, the best habits are ones that prevent the untidy things that accumulate over time like dishes, laundry, and garbage. Leave the dishes undone for a day or too, and soon you’re looking at an overflowing sink. Laundry unwashed for a week will become a mountain before you know it!

If you’re not sure where to start in forming good housekeeping habits, try adding these to your daily routine:

  • Wash the dishes every day.
  • Wash and fold one load of clothes every other day.
  • Make the beds every morning.
  • Walk through the house throwing away garbage every evening before bed.
  • Glance around each room and put away things that don’t belong.

Just these simple maintenance steps will have your new year looking cleaner in no time. 

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