Teach Kids to Stay Clutter Free

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Kids are extremely adaptable and amazing learners, and as you're teaching them, you can teach them about house cleaning, too. Staying clutter free when there are so many things kids want can be a struggle, but teaching them now is a great way to set them up for a more organized adulthood!

When you approach it, keep it lighthearted and fun. Chat while you organize, make the rules firm, but don't hesitate to explain the importance behind them. When you're ready to start, here's how to help your children learn to let go:

Set a Limit

Your children likely have toys that they never even play with—they might not even remember they have them! Keep the important toys close at hand and let the other ones go by setting a limit for your kids. Many kids, once they understand why it's important to give, really want to!

The best way to do this is to find a toy box or storage container for each child and explain that anything that fits in that box is for keeping. Help them choose the toys they love and play with the most. Explain that toys that they don't play with anymore will be given to other kids who might really want to play with them. 

Once you start this system, the rule is this: if the box is full and they want a new toy, they have to make room for it by giving away one they don't want as much. 

Get One, Give One

This principle is similar to setting a limit but is more tailored to older children. It's simple: before they can get something new, whether that be a toy or clothes, they need to choose something to give away.

If your son or daughter wants a new pair of shoes, for instance; they can choose a pair of shoes they don't wear anymore to give away. In this way, not only does staying clutter free become a habit, but so does giving!

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