Steps to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

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Keeping the bathroom tidy between visits from your maid service might seem like a chore, but there are little steps you can take to keep it relatively straight every day. All you need is a bottle of vinegar and water, a cloth, and a toilet brush. If everyone does a little every day, you’ll be happy to see that your bathroom won’t become an eyesore.

For the shower and bathtub: when you finish using the shower or bath, spray the walls down with the vinegar and water mixture, wipe with a cloth, and then run the shower for a second. This will keep your shower looking nice.

When it comes to the sink, a quick wipe down after you brush your teeth or put on your makeup will keep stains and water from building up.

The toilet can be kept looking clean by keeping a toilet brush nearby. Once a day, spray inside the toilet, pick up the brush, and run it around the inside of the bowl.

Keep laundry out of the way by keeping a hamper in the bathroom so that everyone knows where to put their dirty clothes. Remind your family to hang towels back up on the rack or throw them in the dirty clothes when they finish.

Pay attention to details. Little things make a big difference, so every once in a while, look around to see what stands out. Close the shower curtain if it’s open, make sure the cabinet doors are shut, and tidy up things sitting out on the counters.

Maintenance is the key to keeping your house looking neat. Because it gets used so often, the bathroom tends to get messy fast, but little steps like these can go a long way in making your house cleaning a little easier and consistent.

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