Staying Clean and Containing Germs

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Everywhere you turn right now, someone is sniffling or complaining of a cold. How can you prevent germs, especially in your own house? There are some specific steps you can take from your personal care to your house cleaning.

Keeping your house clean all the time with the help of cleaning services will make it much easier to disinfect when you do become sick.

Personal Hygiene

As many times as you hear it in a month, washing your hands is without a doubt the best way to keep germs at bay. If your children are sick (or if you are sick near your children!), make sure they wash their hands frequently as well, especially since children tend to touch their face or put their hands in their mouth without thinking about germs.

House Cleaning & Disinfecting

There are some particular places that need to be your focus when you’re trying to keep germs under control. Think of all the places you put your hands on a regular basis, and these should be the things you disinfect. For instance:

  • Keyboards. Alcohol on a cotton swab will disinfect a keyboard without damaging it.
  • Counters. Your food, dishes, and hands touch the counters constantly, so be vigilant about keeping them clean.
  • Doorknobs. A disinfectant wipe a couple of times a day will keep germs off of doorknobs.
  • Toys. A quick soak in a vinegar and water (or bleach and water) followed by a good wash will kill germs on toys.

Washing Clothes

When you use a towel or sleep in your bed, your face and hands—and subsequent germs—get spread around. Make linens the focus of your clothes washing for the week, and make sure when everyone is well, you wash them all one more time.

The next time someone in your house is sick, don’t let their cold germs take over your house! 

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