Reasons For Having a Clean House

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I always get the idea to clean the refrigerator on grocery day. I open the fridge to put the new things I’ve bought inside, but I’m met with all of the old things still sitting on my shelves.

Staying organized is an essential part of house cleaning, and by keeping the fridge organized, you will find things you need more easily, limit food waste, and avoid mystery odors.

Here are some ideas for organizing your fridge and freezer and keeping them clean in the weeks to come:

Step 1: Out with the old. Before you start organizing, you’ll need to free up some space in the refrigerator. Grab a trash bag and start going through the items you have been storing. If you have any doubt at all about whether or not an item is still safe to consume, throw it away.

Step 2: Group like items together. Make this a system that makes sense to you. Consider grouping all of the dairy products, for instance; or keep your vegetables together. I like to keep my condiments in roughly the same place, as well.

Step 3: Find a home for each item. Once you assign an item to a place, keep it there. If you always put the eggs on the lower right side, you’ll know where to find them without having to give it a second thought!

Step 4: Choose the best places. When you pick places for your groceries, keep in mind that the door is often the warmest part of the fridge, while the bottom shelf is usually the coldest.

Step 5: Think about using containers. It might be a good idea to invest in some plastic storage containers for your refrigerator and freezer. This way, you can keep small items like cheeses and lunchmeats or bags of frozen vegetables from slipping away into the back.

Of course, the refrigerator’s just one part of a clean kitchen. Check out our cleaning services to see how The Maids can help keep the rest of your kitchen and home clean and safe!

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