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The summer months are upon us, and that includes plenty of opportunities for parties: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Back-To-School are great times to invite loved ones over. Don’t be afraid of preparing for a party! Here are some ideas to help you be a great party planner:

Make lists. At the very least, you’ll probably want two lists: one that details the items you need (how many plates, cups, bowls, entrees, etc.) and one that explains the things that need to be done.

Be specific! Rather than putting “house cleaning,” tell what needs to be cleaned. Your list might say, for instance: sweep kitchen floor, make table, wash toilet bowl.

Lists will not only help make sure you accomplish everything, but you'll also find that seeing exactly what needs to be done will help you feel in control and less overwhelmed.

Do what you do best! You might not want to go for that experimental centerpiece the week of your party—instead, do the things you know how to do best. Are you an amazing cook? Pick your best recipe. If you’re the crafty type, maybe you can make your own decorations.

By sticking to what you know, there’s less chance of ending up with a decorating or cooking emergency that can lead to panic and party disaster.

Get as many things done the night before as possible. There are always going to be things that have to wait until the last minute, but whatever you can get done beforehand, do! Do the shopping, house cleaning, and decorating the day before, and you will have less to worry about the day of your party!

Clean as you go, both while you’re preparing for the party and during. This will keep the house looking clean right before guests begin to show up and ensure that you don’t have a huge mess to clean up afterwards. 

Don’t spend the whole party cleaning, though! Just do a little as you go—picking up cups or plates that have been left behind or cleaning up little spills, for instance.

Ask for help. Party planning is an adventure, and it can be an awful lot of work. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Invite your friends and family to help you decorate or ask your best baker friend to help you with some of the cooking.

If cleaning the house seems like too much of a chore, check with housekeeping services to see if you can get some same-day service to get your house party-ready.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy your party—events like these are a time to connect with family and friends!

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