Order Matters: Efficient Cleaning

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When you are in the midst of house cleaning, you might not feel like you have much order in the chaos. There are a few ways you can maintain order and make your cleaning more effective.

The order in which you do certain tasks will help efficiency—get more done with less time and less hassle, that should always be the goal.

Tidy Before You Clean

If you clean while the room in which you’re working is still cluttered, the temptation will be to clean around things. Also, you might miss areas you would have taken care of had you seen them without the mess of extra things.

Before you start your cleaning, walk around the room and put everything back in its place. Then, as you start to dust and vacuum, you will be less likely to miss areas or have to go over the same place twice.

Dust Before You Vacuum

When you dust, you will likely send some dust particles airborne, which will settle back on your carpet and furniture. If you vacuum before you dust, you will end up with layer of dust on your clean carpet. 

Instead, dust first, allow the dust in the room to settle for ten minutes, and then vacuum to not only remove the dust from your furniture and appliances, but get rid of it altogether.

Wipe Before You Sweep

In the kitchen and bathroom, sweeping might feel like a priority if you notice crumbs and dirt on the floor, but hold off long enough to wipe down the counters and table. Often, a few crumbs or particles will escape even the most careful wipe down, and sweeping after cleaning the counters will catch anything that might have slipped.

Professionals use tips like these and more, including tools and materials that work with your home to make it cleaner and healthier. If you are pressed for time, considering hiring a maid service to give you a clean house.

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