Maintaining Front Load Washer like a Professional

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NX laundry detergent bottlesideFront load washer has revolutionized the manner in which cleaning companies and homeowners clean clothes. This advanced equipment is more efficient and reliable than virtually all cleaning machines on the market.  In order to extend the life of your machine as long as possible, you should take care of it, below are some tips from The Maids of Cleveland, OH.

Use less liquid fabric softeners:

Traditional washing machines were very resilient to fabric softeners. The current commercial softeners have certain ingredients that can tamper with some internal components, so consider reducing the amount of fabric softener and how often you use it.

Empty the load immediately:

Never let damp clothes sit inside the machine after the cycle is complete. Leaving the clothes in the machine for long periods of time, can lead to mold and odor. Take great care especially if you have children and pets in the house because they may be tempted to climb in.

Improve air circulation:

For washers to work perfectly, they need to always be well aerated. You can achieve this by leaving the washer door open when you are not using it. This will also help you prevent buildup of foul smells inside and growth of molds.

Use the right detergent:

Not all detergents can be used when operating front load washers. There are special detergents that are specifically formulated for high efficiency machines. Most of the regular detergents produce lots of suds and lead to formation of film on hoses and drums leading to electrical and mechanical damage.

Finally, ensure that the spin speed selected is ideal for the load that you intend to clean. A higher spin speed will result In dryer clothes which can lead to massive tear and wear on some of the internal parts. Read the manual for accurate information on how to fine tune the machine. For more tips on caring for your home or more information on cleaning services visit The Maids of Cleveland in Ohio.

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