Keeping Your Seated Furniture Looking Good as New

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The furniture you sit in everyday at home experiences a lot of use, both by family and friends every day. These items can include sofas, love seats, recliners, cushioned chairs, etc. They wear down as time goes by and start to look bad or unsightly. Stains and sagging are most common, but loose and broken don’t fall too far behind. What can you do to keep these items looking great and lasting longer? There are many things you can do to make the house cleaning worthwhile. Unsightly stains or messed up furniture in general take away from that effort.

Furniture Covers

They lift off with ease and are usually machine washable. If you have kids or pets, these covers are a life saver. They also keep the furniture looking great for years to come. It would be best to have a couple so you can replace the one while the other is getting cleaned. They are a little pricey--typically around $80-$120 for a couch--but are well worth the time they save you while the washer does the work.

Stain and Spill Resistant Treatments

Typically, the sooner you act on a stain or spill, the easier it will be to eliminate. To help with that situation, consider applying a stain guard to the surface. Many also protect from liquids as well. This will allow cleanup to be easier and help prevent stains from soaking in to the materials. On a last note, these stain guard treatments can also revive the look of your furniture. It may look faded, but a treatment may revive that colorful appeal like wax on a floor, where it shines and looks fresh again and not faded.

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