Keep It All Together: A Family Command Center

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This great idea comes from Real Simple, and it will definitely make keeping up with the household easier once you get it set up. The idea behind a family command center is to keep all of the important paperwork, schedules, and bills in a centralized location so that nothing important gets lost and everyone can be on the same page.

Here are a few of the best suggestions for setting up a center like this:

Choose a Central Location. It might be the entryway, a nook everyone passes by, a home office everyone uses, or the corner of the kitchen or dining room. The idea is to keep it in a place where everyone can see and use it as needed. Keeping it out in the open will also help keep you conscious of any clutter that threatens to take it over. Keeping it clean is important and will make it extremely useful!

Use Shelves, Binders, & Boxes. When it comes to heavy loads of paperwork, you're going to want to organize as much as possible, and the best way to do this is to separate. Use shelves to store tools and binders, boxes or baskets to keep up with little items, and binders or files to organize the papers themselves.

Set Rules. A place like this could easily become a dumping spot as family members walk through the house, so set firm rules about what goes in the command center and what doesn't. Keep a phone, notepads, a calendar, a cork board, and your paperwork filed away as necessary. Don't allow things like homework, craft projects, toys, or tools!

There are many ways to use this: if a schedule changes, write it on a sticky note and tape it to the command center. Get your family in the habit of checking for notes there! Use it to answer phone calls and take messages, and as a place to store and handle bills and other paperwork.

Getting everything under control will make you feel much more confident and your family much more organized!

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