Indoor Garden: The Benefit of House Plants

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When you employ a maid service, you're likely to find a desire to do more in your house--having a clean house may make you want to decorate, upgrade, or improve things in your home. As you look at elements to add to your space, consider houseplants.

Why plants? They've been proven to provide benefits to your well being, and there are plants that even someone lacking a green thumb can grow quite well.

Benefits of Houseplants:

  • Houseplants have been shown to improve air quality by removing toxic emissions in the air.
  • Studies prove that plants actually improve moods and promote optimism. Businesses are catching onto this and adding plants to offices!
  • You can find plants that bring specific benefits, including everything from reducing mold in your home to warding off colds.

Two Quick Tips for Adding Houseplants:

Find the right plant for you based on the amount of care you're willing and able to provide and the type of benefits you want from it. A little research goes a long way in this choice.

Put it in the right pot. It sounds straightforward, but there are reasons to consider how your plant is housed. Does it need soil space? Will there be a dirt and water problem? Can your pets reach the top of the planter? Don't be afraid to ask for help in finding the right solution to your individual needs.

Making an indoor garden or just even adding a plant or two can both bring beauty to your home and benefit your health and happiness. Add that to the proven affects house cleaning has to your stress-reduction, and you might find your home is the most enjoyable place to be!

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