How to Use Your Oven Efficiently

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gsappp-dsc-0035-120213Saving money is a must if you want to survive the harsh economic environment and meet your financial obligations. One of the best ways to do this is by monitoring the manner in which you use your oven. Here are some tips for caring for your oven that every homeowner should know and adhere to:

Consider Multitasking

Virtually all modern ovens have multiple racks. To cut your monthly energy bill by half, consider baking more than two dishes at once by placing them on a separate rack. A good example is baking a roast along with a tray of vegetables.

Say No to Peeking

Everyone is tempted to open the oven door and to see how the food is doing. This can result in the loss of heat, and actually slow down your cooking time, consuming more energy. Try to follow the directions and only open the oven when the allotted time has been reached.

Choose Racks Wisely

As mentioned earlier, ovens have different racks. Knowing which rack to use is important. The top rack is ideal for cooking foods that require high temperatures. The middle rack is tailored for moderate temperature cooking tasks while the bottom rack is perfect for cooking foods that requires low temperatures.

Use the Right Gear

Using efficient baking dishes or cookware is very important. Ceramic and glass dishes are very effective at holding heat, much better than metallic dishes. This means that you can set temperature at lower temperatures when using glass dishes and still get good results. Also, avoid using foils because it can prevent free flow of air in the oven, making it less efficient. Learn how to adjust the temperature knobs to avoid using too much heat unnecessarily.

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