How to Make Any Room Appear Larger

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2467 101413 gs2467Use of Natural Lighting

Allowing natural light to flow inside a room can make a big difference by opening up the interior and making it look larger. If you have any heavy window curtains that do not necessarily help with privacy, replace them with lighter curtains or draw them back in order to bring in more natural light.

Reduce Clutter

If there are too many items on your floors, walls and counters, they can make your room feel crowded. Remove all the items you do not need and maximize the use of shelf space and wall hangings. The Maids in Cleveland are always available to help de-clutter and clean your home. In each room choose a piece to act as the focal point and add smaller pieces around it. Using larger pieces of furniture rather than many small items helps to create a false impression of space.

Rearrange Your Furniture

The way you arrange your furniture and the type of furniture you use have an effect on the perception of space. You should keep the pieces of furniture at a minimum by using multifunctional furniture such as folding tables and sofa beds. Place furniture close to the walls to avoid breaking up floor space. You could also set them at an angle, as diagonals are known to make items seem longer.

Intelligent Placement of Mirrors

Well placed mirrors give the illusion of depth. Try to create a focal point and angle your mirrors towards it. Mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light, making the room brighter and appear larger. The best place to set a mirror would be near windows as they reflect the outdoors. You can place mirrors on walls, tabletops and cabinet doors.

Use of Light Painting

Your choice of painting and color of accessories is important in creating an impression of space. Lighter colors such as cream and blue make the room look bigger. The use of well chosen contrasts has the same effect. A good way to achieve this is to paint your wall trimmings and moldings lighter than the walls as this makes the walls seem further back.

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