How to Declutter Your Home the Right Way

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Do you come home from work every day, open up your front door, and find a mess inside your house? Do you just have too much stuff, and not enough room? How do you declutter your home the right way? Let's find out!

Deal with Paper

Paper often accounts for a lot of our clutter. Paper can be put anywhere; a desk, a dresser, the living room table, the couch. To solve the paper problem, simply designate one spot in your home where you will put all of your papers. Having an in-box tray is perfect. But for this strategy to work, you must put all of your papers in the inbox... Do not slack off!

Start Clearing a Starting Zone

Pick the room with which you want to start with. Once this room is clutter-free, move on to the next room. By having a central spot to start with, it will be easier to gradually declutter your entire house. In order to clean up, you need to start somewhere. Pick your spot, and have at it!

Clear a Counter/Shelf

You want all of the flat places in your house clear of clutter. This includes counter tops and shelves. Again, the key to clearing clutter is to just get started, so pick a counter and a shelf, and clear them of everything except essential items like toasters or microwaves. Use the momentum generated by clearing these surfaces and continue throughout the rest of your house!

Make a Trash Box

While cleaning out your house, have a box nearby so you can throw anything that you want to get rid of into it. Maybe it is clothes you have outgrown, or books you aren't planning on reading. This is the best way to rid yourself of clutter forever. If you try to keep everything, but put it in a different spot, eventually the clutter will come back. So make a trash pile, and get rid of it.

Donate Your Clutter!

If your trash box is full of things that may be useable by other, less fortunate people, donate it! Not only are you getting rid of clutter, but you are helping someone else out at the same time. This is the best way to declutter your house. Helping others is something that is not seen as much today, and you donating your old stuff instead of just throwing it out makes the world a better place.


Clutter is annoying, and hard to get rid of. The key to decluttering your house is to just start! Humans love to procrastinate, but the longer you stall, the messier your house becomes. Hopefully you now have what it takes to declutter your home the right way!

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