Great Tips for Decorating with Pastels

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Pastels remain popular as color choices when it comes to decorating a home, but it's possible to go a little overboard. If you love pastels but have a hard time knowing how to use them in a way that balances the room and keeps it stylish and fresh, we've got some great tips inspired by Design Build Source.

Here's the one tricky thing about pastels: dirt and stains are going to show up more easily on lighter colors, so if you have a hard time keeping things clean, you might want to go with a darker color or give maid services a call, especially if you follow the first tip:

Mix Pastels with White

White is the perfect neutral for pastels to make a room feel light, airy, and fresh without feeling overwhelmed by a mixture of pastels. There are two ways to pull this off: 

If you want to go mostly white, use pastels as effective accents. This could be pastel-themed artwork on the walls, pastel throw pillows or area rug, or pastel curtains.

On the other hand, you can go for a mostly pastel room with white accents. In this case, stick to one or two pastel colors as your primary, then use white accents throughout the room to tie it together.

Bright Colors Pop with Pastels

Want to give your room a fun, bright feeling? Mixing bright colors with your pastels will do just that! Choose one or two bright colors (maybe even neons!) that work well with your chosen pastel, then use them as accents throughout the room. Use complementing neutrals to tie it all together.

A couple of pieces of bright furniture in an otherwise pastel-themed room will stand out against the muted color palette and look vibrant and energetic.

Full Pastel Room

If you really like one pastel color, this could be the route for you. Stick to one color in different shades, and let your imagination run wild! Either green or purple is an exceptionally good choice for this method. 

Use a neutral to balance the otherwise pastel space, white is always a good choice, but so is a contrasting darker brown, so go with what you like best!

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