Easy Tips for Eliminating Odors

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You open the door after work or a trip out, and the first thing you notice is that something in your home smells not-quite-right.

It can be trash, dishes, clothes, and numerous other things that leak odors into your home. In addition to regular house cleaning, here are some tips for eliminating bad smells and freshening the air in your house:

Fresh Air

One of the best solutions for getting odors out of your home is opening the windows. If weather permits, throw open every window in your house and let some fresh air in.

The difference one day of airing out can make in the smell and fresh feeling of your home is impressive, so next time it’s a nice, cool day, open up your house and let nature do the work.

The Power of Lemons

Lemons have a naturally fresh smell and neutralize odors. The best place for using lemons for deodorizing? The disposal!

When you use the disposal in your sink, odor molecules are left behind. Send something strong-smelling down the sink or let it go without a good cleaning long enough, and it will start to release those odors.

Cut up a lemon into wedges and run it through the disposal. Not only does it clean out your disposal, it leaves a fresh scent behind that will fill your whole kitchen.

Baking Soda for the Fridge

You may have seen your mother or grandmother put a box of baking soda in the fridge, and the wisdom behind this is sound.

Baking soda absorbs odors. If you put an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator, it will eliminate the odors by trapping them. After a month or so, throw the box out and replace it with a new one, and you’ll never have odd smells from your fridge again.

Clean Fabrics

Fresh linens keep bedrooms and bathrooms smelling great. Clean sheets, towels, pillowcases and blankets often for a lasting freshness in these rooms. Also, if you can, cleaning furniture covers every now and then can also freshen up your house in every room.

As an added bonus, putting a dryer sheet in your linen closet and clothes drawers can keep those areas smelling better. You’ll also get a fresh burst of scent every time you open the door!

Vinegar: The Natural Air Freshener

If you have ever smelled vinegar, this might seem counter-intuitive, but it actually works extremely well. Put white vinegar in a spray bottle and use it like you would any air freshener.

At first, it will smell like you expect vinegar to smell. As it dries, though, it takes odor with it, and leaves behind clean, scent-free air.

Keep It Clean

These tips work best in an already clean house, so if you need some help catching up and putting these things into practice, get in touch with a local maid service to see what they can do to get you started!

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