Combatting Pet Hair in the Home

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If you have pets, hair is unavoidable. It gets all over everything and lands on furniture, beds, tables, entertainment centers, etc. It pretty much consumes a lot of your time because you don’t want visitors to get a bad impression. You have other important housekeeping duties to fulfill rather than spending what little time you have picking up dog and/or cat hair. There are some insightful ways to combat pet hair in the home that doesn’t consume a lot of your time. That way you can focus on other important things.

Air Purifiers Reduce Pet Hair

A purifier captures airborne dust and debris. Some even grab allergens. But one thing that most of them will grab is pet hair. The only difference here is the coverage and the quality of pickup. More expensive floor models tend to do a better job. But the whole point here is to reduce the pet hair in the home so you don’t have as much to tend to.

Pet Hair Vacuums Do a Better Job

A vacuum designed for handling pet hair is the best vacuum you can have to combat that particular problem in the home. Why? It’s because it is optimized to perform better at that particular task. The attachments also get designed to pick hair up easier and are built to save time.

There are many models from many manufacturers and some work better than others. The price usually reflects that, but not always. Attachments have different styles, but the better ones have rubber sections with bumps on them. They use static to grab hair and the rubber grips it. The vacuum then draws it in.

These types of vacuums make it easier and quicker to pick up pet hair.

Furniture Covers

Covers made for furniture serve many purposes, but one of them involves pet hair protection. You don’t have a lot of time to play with pet hair, especially when a visitor is on the way. Having these covers on the couch, the chair, the television, etc. allow you to simply remove them when a guest is on the way. Then any time you have left can be spent working elsewhere or relaxing. They also make tablecloths or surface mats that will work well for your living room tables, bookshelf tops, entertainment center tops, and many other surfaces. If the tabletops or mats get a lot of hair on them, you can simply place them in the washing machine and throw spares on the surfaces.

Pet Hair Rollers

Many pet supply retailers sell pet rollers that look like lint rollers. They fit in your hand and roll along the surfaces to grab either lint or hair. These items can work great for quick pickups when you don’t have much time to clean. You can get replacement rollers and that is a good idea because they fill up fast.

Another secondary method is to use box tape wrapped around a few fingers to form a sticky surface for grabbing hair. However, this idea can use a lot of tape so it is only logical when there are minimal amounts of hair on the surfaces.


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