Clean Your Air—With Plants!

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Sure, most of us know that plants create oxygen, but did you know that they also purify the air? Plants have been proven to remove air pollutants even in your own house. Any houseplant is a fair choice as long as you can take care of it by keeping it watered, in sunlight, and make dusting it off part of your house cleaning routine.

However, there are a few plants that have been shown to be especially beneficial. If you're in the market for an air-cleaning plant, here are three non-toxic varieties that are great at what they do!

The Peace Lily is one of the best clean-air plants you can choose. It pulls pollutants out of the air, refreshes the oxygen, and makes the room smell better, too. As a bonus, they are beautiful, regal plants with characteristic stiff, white blooms, and are easy to care for.

The Spider Plant looks a bit like what it's name suggests without the creepy factor. Its thin leaves hang down from the plant, and it's a popular indoor hanging plant. It also targets general pollutants and is even easier to care for than the lily—it can even survive short periods of complete neglect!

The Gerbera Daisy makes hundreds of thousands of appearances a day in everything from weddings to spas to churches as one of the most popular cut flowers in the nation. It's more than just beautiful, though! It's a good filter, especially for a carcinogen often found in the air we breathe known as benzene. Pay attention to the light and water your daisy receives, and you'll be breathing cleaner air and appreciating beautiful blooms all year long!

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