Clean Up Those Shelves

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Shelves tend to get used for many things, often ending up with clutter or disorganization. Housekeeping helps with clutter, but shelves are usually the last on the list and never get done. It’s just too easy to drop something onto a shelf at any point in time. That habit leads to making the shelf a junk drawer, but in shelf form. Aside from that, shelves can end up looking jumbled verses a neat, clean, and well stacked area. If they are used for several different items, it can become an inconvenience too. Here are some ways to maximize usage, as well as provide a more organized space.

Purpose of the Shelf

It is best to decide what you want a shelf to be used for. If you don’t have enough shelving for all of your items, add some. The movies should not be mixed with puzzles and coloring books. The books should not be mixed with a ton of puzzles or console games. In any case, you get the picture. Designate a shelf for each item. It is also best to have shelving units for every category as well. The movies would be best in a shelving unit by themselves. The books would be best with their own unit too. It makes for easy retrieval of something because you will know where to go to get it and it will be easier to find.

Maximizing a Shelving Unit

Shelving units only have so much room. It is common, especially with movies and console games, to be overfilled and this situation results in placing extras elsewhere. Most shelving systems have adjustable shelf pin holes so that you can change the height of each shelf. This would be a great time to strategize. Try to keep similar-sized items on one shelf to gain more room for another shelf. You have probably seen shelves that have short and high items mixed together. This ends in having a lot of open gaps between each row. You can often find shelf boards in local hardware stores. However, you may need to cut the board to fit.

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