Bring Out the Beauty of Your Home with Moulding and Trim

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Housekeeping makes your home look fabulous, but some things make the effort non-fabulous. Moulding or trim can be one of those items that diminish appeal, no matter how hard you work. Issues like dents, scratches, scuffs, fractures, cracks, and creases can take away from that spectacular visual appeal.

Moulding, also known as trim, is everywhere around your house on the inside. It gets used immensely, which leads to the fact that it stands out in any room. You may be cleaning diligently, but that old, run-down trim takes away from the visual appeal that you desire.

Moulding is often used around windows, doors, and entranceways. It either enhances the area’s look or simply conceals the unsightly views, like the bottom of drywall by the floor or the edges of cut drywall around a window or door. That is why it is so important to have moulding in your home. A shed may look awesome on the inside, but the rust on the outside destroys the appeal. No matter how hard you work at cleaning the shed on the inside; the outside takes away from that appeal significantly. Trim or moulding is not any different in that aspect. Fortunately, they are easy to obtain and most are easy to install.

Aside from looks, moulding is used to decorate the interior, such as a ceiling to wall corner, an entryway, or even a kitchen nook. You can find many styles with moulding and that includes routed designs or even engraved designs. You can also find the right finish, whether you want primed, painted, or stained. Materials used to make moulding include oak, poplar, pine, cedar, composites, MDF (medium density fiber), polyurethane, vinyl, foam, etc. Foam you say? Yes—the foam type material is inexpensive and is often decorated with a laminate, paper-like layer that usually has the look of wood. You may know it also as polymer moulding.

When shopping for trim, you will now have a better idea--if not already known--the material advantages and disadvantages, as well as the types of trim. There is so many out there and finding what works best for you can be a challenge, but at least this information may help you take back the pride from your dedicated cleaning efforts.

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