Best Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy

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7057-101413-gs7057At times, you are forced to stay indoors with your kids because of snow, rain, outside temperatures, or even busy activities like housekeeping. If cleaning is keeping you from enjoying your time, The Maids of Cleveland in Ohio can do it for you and get you that time you need. Being inside the house for a considerably long time may end up being so boring for the kids. However, the following list of boredom buster activities will help you turn an inactive and boring day into an active and enjoyable time, that your kids will enjoy and keep them occupied.

Hide and seek

To be frank, no list of indoor kid’s games would be complete without the hide and seek. The game is simply a classic! It involves one kid covering his or her eyes, and counts aloud while the others hide. Upon completion of the counting, he or she starts to seek out the others from their hiding places.

Hot potato

This is the best game to have the kids giggling throughout the playtime. Have your kids sit on the floor in a circle, turn on a tune and let the kids pass on the potato (soft ball or bean bag) as fast as they can around the circle. Stop the music after some interval and the one holding ball each time the music stops leaves the circle until only one of them is left. The last player wins the game.

Treasure hunt

If there’s one thing that kids love most then is finding hidden things. They more so find it interesting if there’s a prize at the end of the search. Use some clue with the first one being placed somewhere that’s easy to find. It could be inside your kid’s cereal or snack bowl. Leave as many other clues around the house. These clues should make a trail to the ultimate final clue, and then to the treasure. Besides the treasure, the game can also lead the kids to various coins, which the kids can collect and put in their piggy banks at the end.

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