A Clean, Kid-Perfect Bedroom

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Last week it was time to declutter your workspace; this week it's time to take a look at your children's rooms and passing on the clean to the smallest members of your family. A desire for a maintaining a clean bedroom starts with a clean house--as your house stays clean, your children will ultimately prefer it that way. Cleaning services are a great asset to set the tone in your home.

Here are some specifics for helping your kids get organized in their habitat:

Bins & Containers. The little toys tend to be the worst culprits when it comes to a child's clutter. Not only do they make the room look untidy, any parent who has stepped on a stray block or a rogue doll shoe can tell you it makes the room uncomfortable! Find small bins, containers, or drawers for little items like these, and sort them into like piles. 

Some ideas for sorting and labeling bins: Cars, Dolls, Blocks, Art supplies.

Color Coding. Kids are expert sorters as long as the sorting system makes sense to them. Consider color coding your containers. If your child knows that all the blocks go in the red bin, for instance, they're more likely to put things up when they're finished with their toys.

Other ideas for sorting: Shape, Size

Floor Space. When it's time to go in their room to play, it's nice to know the floor is clean with plenty of room for whatever your child's imagination can create. Pay attention to how furniture and toys are arranged in the room, and make sure to leave some floor space for playing.

Useful ways to make space: Put the bed, furniture, and large toys against the wall, move the dresser into the closet.

Easy to Reach. Kids are more likely to help keep things clean if they can reach the containers and drawers that hold their toys. When arranging your child's room, get at their eye level and figure out what's easy to reach and what could be adjusted for them.

Tools for making it happen: Low shelves, child-sized furniture.

Make the Bed. One of the biggest steps you can take in teaching your child to keep their room clean is to get them in the habit of making their beds. It's a small step that makes a room instantly look more pulled together, and if  it becomes a habit now, it's more likely to stick in the future!

Tips for teaching bed-making: Keep it age appropriate, starting with just putting the pillow in place and spreading out the blanket, and increasing the steps as they grow.

Instilling habits of cleanliness in your children now will save them--and you!--from a lot of clutter in the future. If you need help getting started, don't hesitate to check with a housekeeping service.

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