3 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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4997-101413-gs4997There are various ways that you can reduce household costs, but perhaps the most practical one involves cutting down your energy consumption to size. The following are three useful tips to help earn more energy efficient savings:

Tip #1: Cut Down

Three items that you can cut down are:

  • Lights – if you and your family can remember to turn things off, especially your lights, the Energy Savings Trust claims that you can save between $90 and $160 a year.
  • Washing machines – modern machines are designed to be energy efficient, so most of them offer the “half load” option, in their settings, for washing small amounts of clothes. Modern washing powders also allow you to select a lower washing temperature for more energy savings.
  • Showers – you can save a lot of energy by opting to take a shower instead of soaking in the bath for only one day a week. You can significantly increase those savings by increasing your shower days.

Tip #2: Turn Down

The items that you can turn down include:

  • Heating – every degree that you turn down your thermostat saves you around $100 a year on your heating bill. Since most thermostats are set at 24-25 degrees centigrade, you can try to reduce this to 21 degrees Celsius, one degree at a time.
  • Water temperature – you can turn down the temperature setting for hot water on your boiler’s thermostat. A few degrees can make a huge difference on the amount of energy you use in a year.
  • Radiators – radiators in rooms that are seldom used should be switched off, and internal doors kept shut.

Tip #3: Shut Down

  • Appliances – when using a dishwasher, it is more economical to start it when it is fully loaded instead of using it several times. Installing timer plugs in various appliances can also help to reduce the running time for those that are constantly on.
  • Electrical goods – laptop, iPod, and mobile phone chargers continue to consume power when left in standby mode. You can save a lot by switching them off when not in use, and unplugging them from the wall.

There are other ways to reduce energy consumption in your home, but these tips give you a great place to start. Save the extra money for a wonderful vacation, a fun family outing, new electronics, or even to hire a maid service to get even more free time. The Maids of Cleveland, OH would be glad to get your home cleaned in great detail and keep it that way, should you decide. Hope these tips get you on your way to saving!

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